Most liked
BASH logStore last command from history11 months
Debian releasesSource of https://survey.sleeplessbeastie.eu9 months
Miniature CAMiniature Certificate Authority for Kolab11 months
SunriseDetermine sunrise and sunset times11 months
MIN MAXDisplay min and max values of the basic object types11 months
PostgreSQL ActionPerform external action after SQL statement11 months
Explain UMASKExplain UMASK9 months
Icewind Dale: EEEdit Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition savegame to add gold9 months
Shell scripts
AWK bar chartSimple bar charts in terminal using awk11 months
BASH logStore last command from history11 months
Debian releasesSource of https://debian.sleeplessbeastie.eu9 months
NordVPN importImport NordVPN configuration to Network Manager9 months
Sed proctorRemove comments from a shell script using sed script11 months
Shell scripts in generalVarious shell scripts7 weeks
Openbox bookmarks menuOpenbox bookmarks (dynamic menu)11 months
File metadataCheck file metadata using various shell scripts11 months
Make indexGenerate directory index11 months
QT org-mode trayAccess org-capture from system tray9 months
GitGit snippets11 months
NginxNginx snippets9 months
ShellShell snippets11 months
Kolab [Obsolete]
Kolab + DokuwikiKolab and Dokuwiki integration11 months
Kolab + TTRSSKolab and Tiny Tiny RSS integration11 months
Kolab + OwnCloudKolab and ownCloud 5 integration11 months
Kolab + Simple iframeKolab - Integrate any application using IFRAME object (without SSO)11 months
Kolab + MonitMonit configuration files for Kolab server11 months
Ubiquity CCQDisplay CCQ value from the Ubiquiti device11 months
TinyTinyRSS Auth LDAP pluginTinyTinyRSS Auth LDAP plugin fix for 1.9 version11 months